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Time to play VERNON senior softball. Games 3:30pm & 4:55pm M,Tu,W,Th - April-August

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The purpose of the Senior Softball league is to provide an opportunity for senior men and women (age 55 and over), to play organized softball in a recreational program that promotes competition, exercise, sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship, entertainment, and excellence.  Participation and safety of all members shall be the top priority.

The league also sponsors Travel Teams that participate in various tournaments.

During the 2018 season over one hundred participants, from all over Connecticut, will enjoy playing on eight teams. Ages range from 55 to 90. We look forward to providing information about the league. New Player Information

Central Connecticut Senior Softball - PURPOSE OF THE LEAGUE

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Friends, players, umpires

Howie Bromage Memorial Tournament

Community Field and Henry Park, July 28th

VSS League Commissioner Kevin Conklin presenting a plaque to Lois Bromage

L-R Howie’s son John, Lois, son David, Kevin

2018 League Champions


13     Barber, Bob

12     Chamberlain, Bruce

- Asst. Team Manager

00    Coulter, Jim

  6    Frascarelli, Jack

1     Grant, Carroll - Secretary

- Board of Directors - Umpire

21     King, Albert

7     O’Hearn, Tim

11     Phillips, Don

14     Pollen, Curtis

  4     Quattropani, Cicci

34    Smith, Michael - Umpire

                               - Team Manager

  3     Szych, Gordon

  2     Tanner, Craig - Board of Dir.

    - Chairperson External Competition

   Wojick, Bob

2018 League Playoff Champions


  4    Adams, Carter

11    Cervizzi, Steve

20    Chabot, Paul - Umpire

16    Conklin, Kevin - Commissioner

                      - Board of Directors - Asst. Team Manager

  8    Cuccovitch, Sam - Umpire

19    Goldberg, Larry

  3    Gracyalny, Mary - Umpire - Past Commissioner

  1    Hettinger, Bill - Team Manager - Umpire - Board of Directors

     - Chairperson Internal Competition

  7    Lyon, John

  5    Malone, Mike

15    Jerry McGuire

18    Shibley, Peter

10    Taylor, Norm

  6    Uriah, Jack

14    Valenti, Fred

2810 VSS picnic