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Annual Meeting October 15 2018 Vernon Police station. Need members to step up to join board. Several members will be leaving the board.

2017 Team Photographs

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Board of Directors Meeting with the Team Managers - November 2016

Commissioner Kevin Conklin called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

Managers and players present:  Rich Andreoli, Kevin Conklin, Bob Lathrop, Dick Nabel, Edson Phelps, Joe Marsala, Don Giannini, Mike Smith, Cindy Gardner, Don Graves, Bill Hettinger, Dick Nabel, Bob Rand and Paul Davies.

I wanted to hear from each team how they felt the year went and to discuss any changes to the league.

1.Possible splitting league into competitive and non-competitive.

2.Playing games on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

3.Due to games ending before playing the 7th inning which is the open inning it was discussed after 1 hour of play to have the next full innings allow unlimited runs.

4.Revisiting the runner from home policy. Have each manager in the beginning of the season provide a list of those needing a runner.

5.Revisit the way new players were placed on teams. Decision was made to have 3 managers provide their recommendations to the board for approval after player evaluations were completed. Purpose is to assist the weaker teams in getting stronger.

6.Possibly allowing unlimited bases verses the limit of only 2 bases we have in place today.

It was decided to send a survey to all league members to see their feelings on competitive and non-completive divisions as well as playing in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm




VSS 2016-2017 Board of Directors

Kevin Conklin   Commissioner
Tim Cromwell   Public Relations
Helen Orr           Social
                           External Competition
Bill Hettinger     Internal Competition
Jim Greely         Asst. Commissioner  (Umpires)
Bob Lathrop      Past Commissioner

Carroll Grant was elected
Helen Orr was reelected for another term

2016 Team Photographs

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2016 Cape Cod Classic

65s by Richard Nabel

Game 1- Led by Mark Easter and Don Giannini’s 5-6 hitting spree, the 65s overcame a solo home run and a grand slam, to defeat Molt’s Used Auto Parts 8-6 in the opening game of the tournament for our team.

Game 2- A seesaw battle between the 65s and East Providence Yacht Club ended in the bottom of the 7th inning with a bases loaded single by Rich Belekewicz, driving in the winning run in a thrilling 12-11 victory. This was a true case of a pitcher helping his own cause.

Game 3- Led by two homeruns (one a grand slam) by Sam Cuscovitch and a solo homerun by Mark Easter, the 65s pummeled South Florida Heat, 23-7, bringing their record to 3-0 as darkness set in for the fourth and final seeding game.

Game 4- In game 4, Mark Easter continued his outstanding hitting, and coupled with Don Giannini’s 4-4 performance, the number 1 and 2 in the batting order provided base runners for Ed Litwin and Tim O’Hearn’s 5-6 offensive display.  The game ended with the mercy rule being utilized as the 65s took a 20-4 victory after 5 innings.

The 65s scored 63 runs in four games, with virtually every one of the 16 players contributing key hits throughout the two days.

Defensively, the outfield of Mark Easter, Sam Cuscovitch, Joe Marsala and Carl Schaefer, played almost flawless ball.  The infield of Fred Valanti, Don Giannini, Ed Litwin, Larry Goldberg, Tim O’Hearn, and Mike Follo were every bit as solid as the outfield.

Rich Belekewicz and Dick Nabel each notched two victories allowing just 24 runs through 4 games and issuing one or two walks in 26 innings.

The chemistry on the team was apparent throughout the two days, and the combination of solid defense and timely hitting produced a great result.

The Playoffs

First game- Down 11-2 after 3 innings and a rain delay, a pitching change with Ritter replacing Dick, provided the spark that was needed. Ritter allowed only one more run over 4 innings as the bats, led by Sam’s 3rd homerun of the series and 2nd grand slam, and Bill Gamzon’s bases clearing double, came alive, scoring 5 runs in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings of an 18-12 come from behind victory.

The Championship Game- The 65s v. New Hampshire Nemesis (aptly named)

Vernon jumped off to a great start with a 5 run 1st inning, but New Hampshire answered with a 5 run 3rd, tying the score at 7-7 after 3 innings. A 5 run fifth for New Hampshire left Vernon at a deficit of 13-7 going into the bottom of the fifth.

Vernon scored twice in the 5th to bring the score to 13-9. A scoreless 6th for both teams meant New Hampshire took a 4 run lead into the top of the 7th. A scoreless top of the 7th for New Hampshire meant a huge bottom of the 7th was needed if Vernon was going to break New Hampshire’s grip.

Bob Rand, subbing for Ritter, led off the bottom of the 7th, followed by Bruce Chamberlain’s 2nd base hit of the game. Mark Easter and Don Giannini (no. 1 & 2 in the lineup) continued their .666 and .695 hitting and when followed by consecutive hits by Ed Litwin and Fred Valanti, Vernon found themselves tied with two outs. Needing a base hit to bring in the winning run, Joe Marsala answered the call and Vernon went on to win a 14-13 come back victory over our arch NEMESIS.

The Classic was truly a classic with every member of the 17-man roster contributing at some point in a game.

Every team has its unsung heroes and its “sung” heroes. In the latter category, Mark, Don and Sam were unbelievable in their offensive and defensive play, but in the unsung hero category, Fred Valanti’s .714 performance at the plate almost went unnoticed. Time and again, Fred delivered a hit to keep a rally going or to start an offensive drive.

The 2016 Cape Cod Classic will be savored and remembered for many years to come.

Vernon 70's by Rich Andreoli

It was a tough start for the 70's team at the Cape. They lost the first two games on Monday. On Tuesday they came back with two wins. None of these games were played at the level the 70’s team is known for. The team had trouble getting hits when they were needed. After two days of seedings the team was moved from the "B" bracket to the "A" bracket.


       Wednesday’s playoffs started out with a close win. The 70‘s moved on to the next game (a team they had lost to on the first day) and it was like all the bats were left at home. Little to no hitting. The team lost in the semi-final game. Some of our 70's had played twelve games by then and were exhausted. They had helped the 65's win their "A" division bracket. Regardless of the loss, the team stuck together throughout the three days and are looking forward to next year.


Thanks to all that participated.

VSS 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Kevin Conklin   Commissioner
Dick Nabel        Treas.
Bill Gamzon      Secy.
Tim Cromwell   Public Relations
Helen Orr          Social
Rich Andreoli   External Competition
Bill Hettinger   Internal Competition
Jim Greely        Asst. Commissioner  (Umpires)
Bob Lathrop     Past Commissioner
Bill Gamzon and Kevin Conklin were reelected for a second term

Fall Softball at the Tolland ‘Bubble’

To The Vernon Seniors Softball League

Indoor Softball Starting in October 

Hello, this is John Seyboth.

I am once again starting the indoor softball games this October 4th at the Star Hill Family Athletic Center; also know as “The Bubble”.

The way it works at Star Hill is: each person purchases their own membership and we get to use (ALL) of the facilities.  I have spoken with the manager Debbie Bolduc about starting the fall softball games up again on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-11 AM and it sounds good.


Star Hill Family Athletic Center

100 Gerber Dr.

Tolland, CT 06084



October 4th – Tuesday 9AM


Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings 9AM -11:30AM


Your contact at Star Hill:

Debbie Bolduc … 860-871-8800

Any questions about the softball games call John Seyboth … 585-752-0888.

Any questions about Star Hill call Debbie Bolduc.

See you at Star Hill,

John Seyboth

League schedule changes are located on our website League Schedule page

The league schedule changes are located in the top lefthand corner.

Instructions for setting up the field

for play at 2:50p.m. or 4:30p.m. if one game

Rules of Play, Section M: The first game home team is responsible for putting away the pitchers screen and insuring the sponsor’s banner is up and all equipment (plates, board, clock, etc.) is set up.

1.Unlock the shed and secure the door with the hook

2.Turn on the shed lights and put the lock on the box, inside, to the left of the door

3.Open the window

4.Unlock the Town of Vernon cabinet and remove the scoreboard control. Insert two plugs into appropriate sockets and put the controller outside the window on top of the high stool. Turn on the electrical power in the left hand electrical panel. The switch is marked with a white label

5.Put the bucket of balls and an empty bucket on the playing field

6.Put the wooden, extended plate, over home plate and the rubber plate 10” from the regular plate and in line with the original plate

7.Sweep out the shed, sweep off the benches, sweep off the bases and place the broom behind home plate

8.Unlock the VSS cabinet and remove the 4 bungee cords and then hang the sponsors banner

9.Hang up the clock

10.  Remove the ball bag and leave the best 3-4 used balls in it. Put a new ball (two if there are two games) in the ball bag and hang it behind home plate. Two clickers should be in the ball bag. (Umpires-Don’t use the second game ball until the second game)

11.  Remove the loose bats and place them inside the field screen (there are 6 as of 8/08/08). Clip the bat holder onto the inside of the screen with the top of the bats being even with the horizontal screen reinforcing bar. At NO time should the holder touch the ground

12.  White stripe the field, if needed, and draw the three commitment lines

Instructions for picking up the field of play

Rules of Play, Section M: Following the completion of the last game of the day, the Home Team will be responsible for stowing the sponsors banner, and all League equipment (bats, balls, home plate, and the clock).

NOTE: If the umpire for the Town of Vernon games is at the field you do not have to put away the scoreboard controller, shut off the power or lock the Vernon town cabinet. You MUST put all of our equipment away.

1.Do the reverse of ALL of the items listed above.

2.Remove the bat holder and place it on a bench, NOT the ground. All slots should be filled with the better bats. Wrap the bats and place in the shed cabinet. Pick up the 6 extra bats

3.Roll up the banner. Be sure to put the printed side up on the grass and roll from the left side. The bungee cords go in our cabinet on the upper right shelve

4.Store in the cabinet the ball bag, clickers, two home plates and clock.

5.Put the ball buckets on top of our cabinet

6.Switch off the controller main switch, turn off the lights, lock both cabinets and lock the door.

7.Check to be sure nothing is left behind on the field or left out of our cabinet. Check the field in case one of our players left behind a bat, glove or sunglasses etc.

E. Phelps 10/08

VSS Setting up the field